Gift fresh, local flowers to someone special
with a CSA weekly flower subscription

includes delivery throughout West Lafayette, Lafayette, and Purdue University


What is a csa flower subscription?

A gift CSA flower subscription is a weekly bouquet of premium, seasonal, fresh flowers from our farm, delivered to home or office in West Lafayette or Lafayette, Indiana.

A one-month subscription consists of 1 flower bouquet each week for 4 weeks, sometimes delivered as mixed bouquets, other times as bunches of one type of flower.

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Questions about the gift CSA flower subscription?
Call Andrea at 920-838-2178 or email via the contact form.



Why give a gift CSA flower subscription?

For a little bit of happiness every week for someone you cherish and appreciate.

Your gift subscription recipient will receive the freshest, best flowers from AM Flower Farm each week. We treat our CSA customers as VIPs.

What will the flower subscriptions contain?

  • May subscriptions will feature cheerful tulips, anemones, and daffodils

  • June subscriptions will likely contain poppies, delphiniums, and the season’s first sunflowers

  • August subscriptions will contain dahlias and mixed bouquets of brilliant zinnias, celosias, basil, and sunflowers

  • September subscriptions will feature dahlias, scented eucalyptus, and ornamental kale.

Please note: Mother Nature rules the flower farm, so we may need to substitute or include flowers not on this list.

Who can purchase a CSA Flower Subscription?

Nearly anyone: individuals (for delivery to home or work), restaurants, offices, et cetera. Gift flower subscription are perfect for a Mother's Day, holiday, or birthday gift.

What does the "seasonal" part mean?

It means you will receive tulips in spring, lilies in summer, and dahlias in fall — when nature intended them to bloom in central Indiana!

What does the "CSA" part mean?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, wherein consumers support their farmers by purchasing a portion of the farm’s summer production in advance. It is a popular business model for small market farms like this one, and it is immensely helpful to farmers.

Why is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so important for farmers?

Because it provides reliable income earlier in the farming season, which coincides with the purchasing of seeds, compost, and infrastructure. Even as the summer progresses, we are purchasing organic fertilizers, additional seeds, and spring bulbs, so support throughout the summer is greatly helpful.

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By purchasing flowers this way, know that you are directly supporting a local small farmer and her family.

Your support of my farm in this endeavor means the world to me. Farming of any sort is both rewarding and challenging, but support from my local community makes it worthwhile. This is especially so with flowers because I get to see the joy on customers’ faces when they receive their bouquets. Thank you! - Andrea


Yes, you’re supporting this handsome goofball when you buy beautiful Indiana flowers from AM Flower Farm, and no, I couldn’t possibly choose just one photo.